Increase Productivity Easily

Productivity is difficult to improve in a complex supply chain. One thing impacts another in the intertwined network. Trying to make any single big thing happen proves a challenge. Generally, the world gets along with this complexity through the millions of people involved, with lots of little gains being made in different places all the … Continue reading “Increase Productivity Easily”

Unlocking Productivity – “It’s still all about collaboration!”

The UK government is focused on economic growth through productivity. But the productivity puzzle in our sector, as set out by Brian Green in the CIOB’s excellent new report Productivity in Construction continues to confound us. Are we really unproductive, compared with other industries or with international standards? Our accident rate is 70% lower than a … Continue reading “Unlocking Productivity – “It’s still all about collaboration!””

The Payments Minefield – A review of payment practices within the UK Construction industry

The construction industry has a history of delayed payment and late payment. The way in which the industry has evolved over a number of decades so that prime contractors sub-contract the majority of their work, the highly fragmented nature of the industry and the disproportionately small size of many of the market participants means that … Continue reading “The Payments Minefield – A review of payment practices within the UK Construction industry”

The flat white hope for construction

June’s EU referendum probably matters “less than people think”. At least that’s what economist Douglas McWilliams told around 30 guests at a breakfast meeting today. Don’t base your decision on macroeconomics, said the president of the Centre for Economics and Business Research, who implored people to ignore the Treasury’s forecasts in particular. Describing himself as neither … Continue reading “The flat white hope for construction”