Market enablers to unlock the value toolkit

Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence is delighted to be working with the Construction Innovation Hub and other key industry stakeholders on the market response element of the Value Toolkit.  The toolkit is a suite of tools to support faster, value-based decision-making across the investment lifecycle. Constructing Excellence has long been a champion of delivering better outcomes through collaboration and recognises the limitations of existing delivery models in delivering value for all stakeholders in the built environment.  

Over the coming months we will be consulting widely with key stakeholders across the industry to identify actual or perceived barriers of and opportunities associated with the adoption of value-driven delivery models.  We will be systematically addressing each identified barrier by identifying and collating existing knowledge and solutions into clear guidance.  We will also be identifying gaps and opportunities for further investigation and to inform future research.  

Initially we will be focussing on contract forms and insurance products as these regularly emerge as barriers to effective delivery.  We are sure that many of the solutions exist, but are simply not being implemented widely across the sector or are not being used correctly to unlock value.  Our job is to make it easier to understand and implement those solutions so we can deliver better outcomes.  

Meet the team

We’ve pulled together a brilliant team to carry out this work: 

John Handscomb is a partner at specialist consultancy Akerlof. John will lead the engagement workstream to ensure the supply chain has a voice within the formation of the toolkit. John is delighted to lead a project that sets out to create a broader understanding of value beyond price and has many parallels with the thinking behind Akerlof who shares it’s name with George Akerlof a Nobel Prize winning economist. His seminal paper, Market for Lemons, demonstrated the consequence of adverse selection under conditions of quality uncertainty and unequal information between buyers and sellers; a 50-year-old concept that continues to retain parallels within the construction industry that I hope the value toolkit will go some way to re address.  

Sesitwa Mohlala is a Cost Manager at Turner & Townsend. Sesitwa will be leading on the engagement of the insurances work package within the Market enablers workstream. Sesitwa’s multi-disciplinary experience has seen him work for various industry clients such as Anglian Water @OneAlliance, The Environment Agency and Heathrow Airport Limited. As a result, Sesitwa has been involved in collaborative procurement and commercial environments which have delivered value. Sesitwa is excited to be joining the Constructing Excellence team and hopes to make a long-lasting impact in the UK Construction Sector. Through planned engagements with industry bodies and associations; and building a transparent relationship with the Supply Chain, Sesitwa sees the Value Toolkit as being a key success factor for the industry as a whole.

Rebecca Cutts is a Senior Quantity Surveyor at Rider Levett Bucknall and is leading on the contracts work package within Workstream 3, seeking guidance from leading industry experts as well supply chain members. Rebecca is excited to engaging with these key stakeholders within the industry, looking at how we can overcome certain contractual challenges, moving towards value driven, collaborative contracts that are in the best interest of the project. This is going to be an exciting challenge and definitely one we will all learn from.

Prof David Mosey is Director of the Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution at Kings College. David is world-renowned for his work on improving procurement and contractual techniques for project delivery. David brings to the project his extensive experience and research capability focussing on the interdisciplinary relationships of construction law with the evolving practices of procurement and project management. This includes research into partnering, alliancing, joint ventures and other models for collaborative working.

The King’s College London Centre of Construction Law is committed to creating integrated procurement and contractual systems that support improved value and reduced risk. We are glad to support the development of the Value Toolkit and to work with Constructing Excellence on the Market Enablers workstream.

Prof Peter McDermott is Professor of Construction Management at the University of Salford. The way that construction is organised, managed and procured has a significant impact on our environment. Peter’s teaching, research and professional activities are focused on this and around a determination to make a difference to the built environment/sectors that we serve. Peter’s key areas of research include strategies for the Construction and Infrastructure Sectors, Strategic Procurement, Sustainable Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Social Value. Peter will ensure that the project effectively builds the existing body of evidence and uses effective research processes.

Itai Kagodora (Project Manager) is a Project Manager with the Construction Innovation Hub (CIH) and he is assigned to the Hub’s capex projects. Itai is a project management professional responsible for overseeing design, commercial, and project delivery activities for various development schemes throughout the project lifecycle.  Itai is also responsible for implementing and supporting Agile Scrum principles, values and processes. He is excited and very much looking forward to working on this project which will have a positive impact on supply chain processes and the built environment as a whole.

Alison Nicholl, Head of Constructing Excellence will represent the team on the Project Board for the overall value toolkit. Alison is passionate about improving the construction industry and has 18 years’ experience delivering knowledge transfer and industry change in the built environment sector. Alison is delighted that much of the groundwork on collaborative procurement that Constructing Excellence has championed over many years is being incorporated in to the Toolkit that has the potential to transform how we design, build and operate our built environment.

We’ve drawn together an Advisory Group including representation across the supply chain, champions for change and subject matter experts. Over the Autumn we will be engaging with a range of key stakeholders through a targeted combination of workshops/focus groups and structured interviews.

We have a one-off opportunity to change not just what we build, but how we build it and how we reward supply chains, not based on adversarial approaches to cost and risk but based on the long-term value, innovation and expertise each party brings. We need your help and expertise from across the Constructing Excellence movement. Get in touch to find out more.