Constructing Excellence Behavioural Framework

Leaders from across the Constructing Excellence movement need to model inclusive and collaborative behaviours that will allow the movement to flourish. The right behaviours create a welcoming environment where people want to get involved and contribute. This framework is intended as a tool for reflection and dialogue around how each of our behaviours collectively drive a better culture.

We have taken two of our core values: Collaboration and Excellence and broken them down into communication, partnerships and teamwork and continuous improvement, trust and accountability. For each we have identified strength and development indicators.


Strength Indicator Developmental Indicator

The way we communicate with others to get our messages across, work together and create clarity and understanding

Connects ideas in a meaningful way, providing consistent and clear messages Allows mixed messages to confuse, and misses opportunities to share ideas and check understanding
Actively shares information and ideas, providing a clear rationale for suggestions Withholds information; takes a tell approach; doesn’t follow polite communications etiquette
Communicates in an inclusive and respectful manner Abrupt communication that can be perceived as rude or aggressive by the recipient

How we build relationships across the movement and beyond

Role models and demonstrates collaborative conversations to bring people together, working towards a common goal Misses opportunities to demonstrate and encourage collaboration; broadcasts information without opportunity to ask questions and develop relationships
Balances priorities of multiple stakeholders; understanding challenges and exploring options Shows favouritism and allows discontent to fester; treats other areas of the movement as an irritation

How we achieve through working together with respect

Creates an inclusive, collaborative environment where it is easy for people to work together and be clear on responsibilities Allows silos to exist; adds to confusion; prevents others from inputting either by talking over them or dominating conversations
Works flexibly; identifying blockers quickly and adapting approach as required Rigidly sticks with plans; allowing obstacles to limit the quality or impact of the team; doesn’t contribute or fails to show up for planned activities


Strength Indicator Developmental Indicator
Continuous improvement

How we continuously look for improvement in our activities, services or processes

Influences widely, advocating change and providing a focus on the impact and wider benefits of Constructing Excellence Dismissive of change and ignores or prevents opportunities for innovation, impacting on CE’s ability to deliver its purpose
Constructively challenges the status quo; developing meaningful, practical and innovative solutions Allows duplication and inefficiencies to continue, negatively impacting our colleagues and customers
Actively seeks out improvements and innovation to enhance activities. Encourages and acts on feedback. Accepts and/or produces sub-standard activity, missing opportunities to deliver improvements. Ignores feedback.
Trusted partners

How we keep ourselves and others up to date with our area of the movement, share our opinions and expertise, gain trust from others and inspire change in the built environment

Fosters trust within the movement and the industry by sharing knowledge and insight; develops successors Does not share knowledge widely, and vague in explanations and recommendations; focuses only on own priorities
Accountability / ownership

How we accept responsibility for our behaviour, actions and outcomes


Enables others to deliver by sharing information and maintaining a focus on key priorities Prevents success; fails to share essential information, limiting the development of others and likelihood of success
Takes ownership and initiative, prioritising effectively for success Blames others when things go wrong; Creates conflicting priorities

If you would like to talk through the behavioural framework or address a concern please get in touch with the team.