Marginal Gains in Construction – Improved Productivity through Micro-Ideas

Introduction UK productivity still lags that of other developed nations as repeated ONs reports continue to show. The problem is complex and successive attempts have made progress but failed to drive the UK to the front of the pack. A recent Constructing Excellence survey Unlocking Productivity confirms a majority of people in the construction industry … Continue reading “Marginal Gains in Construction – Improved Productivity through Micro-Ideas”

A National Change Agent

Have you heard about the National Change Agent programme? It was initiated ten years ago in 2005 by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in response to the Gershon Efficiency Review and focus on the improving the delivery of social housing.  The outcome of report led to the formation of the Supply Chain Management Group … Continue reading “A National Change Agent”

Contracting Strategy

As a client, if you don’t know what you want, how are you going to select somebody who can deliver it? The Procurement Theme Group contends that project delivery would be further enhanced by clearly aligning the contracting strategy, how we select suppliers, with the outcome required. The construction industry delivers outcomes, intended or otherwise. … Continue reading “Contracting Strategy”

Bid Cost Survey Blog 2 – Improving the win rate

When in 2014 MarketingWorks, in association with Professor Will Hughes of the University of Reading, updated their 2003 research assessing how the bid cost investment affects work winning within the construction industry, we found that  differing behaviours and approaches influenced whether a company wins or loses the bid. So, as different behaviours may result in … Continue reading “Bid Cost Survey Blog 2 – Improving the win rate”

Unlocking construction productivity

Construction productivity is a key issue for our industry, or more specifically the lack of it. The lack of construction productivity within our industry stifles innovation, raising costs, adding risk and waste across project life cycles and hinders our ability to improve the value realised from our built environment. But why? What causes the lack … Continue reading “Unlocking construction productivity”

Procurement: Prepare for the best

Successful procurement depends on the client understanding whether the evaluation methodologies it uses are likely to produce the desired results. Here’s some advice on getting it right. The UK public sector expenditure was more than £735bn in 2014. A significant amount of that money will have been spent via regulated procurements for public contracts, run … Continue reading “Procurement: Prepare for the best”