Have we wasted a good crisis?

Apparently Winston Churchill first declared, in 1934, that we should “never let a good crisis go to waste”. And in 2009 Constructing Excellence published their report “Never Waste A Good Crisis”. This report argued for innovative responses to the economic downturn from the construction industry to improve performance in the longer term.  Andrew Wolstenholme, the … Continue reading “Have we wasted a good crisis?”

6 Steps to Significant Behavioural Change for Sustainable Construction

Behavioural change for sustainable construction – how to achieve it

The October meeting of Constructing Excellence’s Sustainability Theme Group covered the critical issue of achieving behavioural change for sustainable construction. Three speakers shared their experiences and passed on some invaluable insight into what leads to successful and maintained behaviour change. The Speakers Martin Hunt, Built Environment and Infrastructure Specialist from Forum for the Future presented … Continue reading “Behavioural change for sustainable construction – how to achieve it”

2014 Bid Cost Survey

It has been my mission over many years to help construction organisations to be more effective in their work-winning activities and enhance their win rates, which play a significant role in improving win work efficiencies. In 2003 MarketingWorks undertook research assessing how the bid cost investment affects work winning within the construction industry. In 2014 … Continue reading “2014 Bid Cost Survey”

Constructing Excellence in Nuclear #CEnuclear

The latest meeting of our sector-specific theme group was hosted at the world-leading Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at Rotherham on September 23rd. Our hosts are the world’s biggest specialist R&D facility of its kind, and they specialise in working with the UK supply chain to improve their performance and readiness to supply to the nuclear … Continue reading “Constructing Excellence in Nuclear #CEnuclear”

New Book: Being an Effective Construction Client: Working on Commercial and Public Projects

Without clients, there would be no architecture and no design teams. Without brave and able clients our civilisation would be a poor place.  To be effective, clients need a wide variety of skills and acumen, which conjoined with those of the design and construction teams produce good buildings.  Why is it that Clients have been … Continue reading “New Book: Being an Effective Construction Client: Working on Commercial and Public Projects”

The capability gap

The Construction Industry Summit this week flagged up skills shortages again, but I worry that the focus is too short-term and addresses today’s skills, not what we need in the future. The skills we need are those that will allow us to transform the industry and deliver on the targets in the industrial strategy Construction … Continue reading “The capability gap”