AI & Machine Learning summary of September Digital Drop In

Constructing Excellence

In our September digital drop Patrick Scannell from Buildots led us through how they are applying AI and machine learning on projects.  This sparked a healthy debate and here is what we learned:

  • Construction is really good at planning and executing. We aren’t so good at measuring and optimising.  We fail at bringing the lessons from one project to the next one, but could AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning change that?
  • The focus on planning and executing can negate many of the post-construction benefits, where the greatest benefits can be realised.
  • The potential for AI and data capture solutions that verify as-built drawings have huge potential to deliver post-construction benefits, retrofit and even the circular economy.
  • The group were inspired by the potential to unlock Blockchain solutions through this kind of data capture, verification of workmanship and quality would also form part of that solution.
  • Data ownership could become an issue. AI learns from multiple projects and clients are happy that their data is used to inform future iterations of the AI.  Clients and contractors are conscious that you need data to train the system, obviously with anonymisation built in.
  • Different methods exist for collecting data on site and are useful for different applications depending on frequency of data capture, uploads and speed of internet connection all impact on which method is most appropriate.

The group were very enthused around this issue and are exploring opportunities to work with other groups to explore the potential of AI and machine learning in the construction sector.  Next month’s digital drop in on 16 October will be led by Duncan Reed of Trimble who will be building on this issue and share some of the emerging technology insights.

We’ve sessions lined up with Dan Rossiter from BSI on the emerging standards landscape and Kier on the digital strategy for the Wellingborough Prison project. If you have a topic you’d like to discuss with the group let us know!