Preparing the Papers

QBS process map

Preparing the OJEU notices:

  • Frameworks and EU procurement rules
  • What the framework must establish
  • What the notice must contain.

Quality based selection

  • Procedure for awarding framework agreement
  • Assessment models and score sheets
  • Pre-qualification questionnaire
  • Invitation to negotiate.

Framework protocol

“OJEU notice, QBS Procedure” continued…

Update for members

Although some members may take an active interest in the process, their responsibility is to know:

  • that officers have gone through the right processes and that the council’s interests are protected
  • that regulatory officers and stakeholders have been consulted on the OJEU notice and QBS procedures
  • the expected outcome and timescale for achieving it.

Framework officers should consult with members as follows:

  • Circulate the draft documents.
  • Meet with members and ensure they understand (at a macro level) the process and implications.
  • Receive their feedback.
  • Amend the documents.

Check with Legal, Audit and Finance

Ensuring that the OJEU notice and proposed QBS process:

  • comply with legal requirements of the EU, UK and Council’s standing orders
  • provide a satisfactory audit trail
  • protect the council’s financial interests.

“Check with Legal, Audit and Finance” continued…

Workshop For Stakeholders – Objectives and Definitions

External stakeholders nominated to the selection panel will:

  • need to understand the QBS process
  • be involved in formulating the quality criteria and scoring system.

This is where stakeholders will really delve into the objectives and definitions of the work to be done under the framework. You should give them the draft OJEU notice and draft papers for the QBS procedure. Their role is to check that:

  • The OJEU notice is a fair representation of the programme they believe is on offer.
  • The QBS papers provide a practical system for assessing the quality aspect of bids.
  • The evaluation criteria reflect what they regard as the important quality criteria.
  • They understand what is expected of them.

Framework officers should consult with external stakeholders as follows:

  • Circulate the draft documents.
  • Meet with stakeholders and ensure they understand (in detail) the process and its implications for their key areas of responsibility.
  • Receive their feedback.
  • Amend the documents.

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