Place OJEU Notice, Facilitate Pre-qualification Process

Officers facilitate seven steps at this stage:

  • Finalise PQQ
  • Finalise OJEU notice
  • Advertising
  • Expressions of interest
  • Issue PQQs
  • Market day
  • Receive PQQs

“Place OJEU Notice” continued…

Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)

The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire should ask for information about:

  • the identity of the applicant and supporting organisations
  • experience in what the framework requires and the quality of the outcomes
  • evidence of compliance with statutory requirements
  • particular technical issues
  • Rethinking Construction issues.

“Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)” continued…

Expressions of Interest

Suppliers must respond in the manner stated in the OJEU notice.

  • Method
  • Deadline

This is the first simple test towards pre-qualifying. Potential bidders (who may be based in any Member State) must make sure they respond in the manner and by the deadline stated in the OJEU notice.

Market Day – how?

This is the third of three open seminars with suppliers:

  • Briefing for the potential bidders
  • How Quality Based Selection works

“Market Day – how?” continued…

Response to PQQ

This is directed at bidders:

  • Understanding the ‘values’ behind the questions
  • Maximising your chances of success

Bidders need to understand that the PQQ is not about showing how cheaply they can build things. It is about showing how WELL they can collaborate with the stakeholders and produce good results.

They will maximise their chance of making the short-list by attending the market day to learn ‘where the client is coming from’ and presenting evidence that shows they understand the brief and can make it happen. Some of the things they will need to demonstrate are:

  • Their proposed team understands the drivers behind the framework and is sympathetic with the client’s values.
  • Their company and supply chain has embraced the Rethinking Construction principles.
  • They apply ‘best value’ criteria in selecting goods and services from suppliers.
  • Their proposals will help to sustain local industry and give knock-on benefits to the community.

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