Market Day, How Will We Deliver?

This is the third of three open seminars with suppliers. This briefing for bidders explains how the Quality Based Selection process will work and what you are looking for in the ‘ideal’ candidate.

Only organisations that make an Expression of Interest are eligible to attend.

Make sure those expressing interest know they may be disadvantaged if they do not attend the market day because guidance on completing the PQQ will be given.

The presentation must provide a clear basis for applicants to decide whether they are interested in proceeding any further. This is an exercise in both explaining the framework and ‘selling’ it.

Such a presentation should:

  • describe and estimate the value and timescale of the work to be done under the framework
  • outline the background and vision of the client and stakeholders, highlighting the key success factors
  • explain why the client has decided to tender the work as a framework
  • summarise the QBS process
  • review the PQQ documents, highlighting particular aspects that will influence the selection
  • review the key points in Rethinking Construction for Local Government, summarising the benefits for the client, stakeholders and suppliers
  • emphasise that you are looking for partners who are willing and able to work on these terms
  • leave suppliers in no doubt that you see frameworking as advantageous to everyone, and that you are fully committed and intend to work hard to realise the benefits
  • remind applicants of the deadline and place for submission of completed PQQs.


Here is an example presentation by MCC: Building better schools for the future.

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