How to Measure Collaboration – Performance Measurement Forum

Constructing Excellence

The Constructing Excellence Performance Measurement Forum took place on 14 October 2020. Chaired by John McGovern from Northumbrian Water Group, we focused on measuring collaboration with valuable input from Paul Greenwood from Greenwood Associates which stimulated some great discussions.  Antonio Hernandez from BRE provided a demonstration of the SmartSite Products and SmartSite KPI tool.

Measuring Collaboration

Paul provided us with a recap of the three overriding principles of collaborative working as defined in Constructing Excellence’s Collaborative Working HymnSheet:

  • Common Vision and Leadership
  • Collaborative Processes and Tools
  • Collaborative Culture and Behaviours

These, of course, are underpinned by the six critical success factors:

  • Early involvement
  • Selection by Long-Term Value
  • Aligned Commercial Arrangements
  • Common Processes and Tools
  • Performance Measurement
  • Long Term Relastionships

Paul spoke about the importance of using objectives to drive performance measures.  He then provided an overview of the various collaborative working models and measures and some example tools that can be used to measure collaboration.  Paul also used case studies to demonstrate how collaboration can be measured and how more collaborative projects can deliver better outcomes. These are detailed in the presentation.

Measuring Collaboration

Paul suggested that we should look at measuring projects that used collaborative approach versus standard projects to demonstrate how collaboration drives better outcomes.  It was suggested that the Constructing Excellence award winners and finalists would be a rich source of evidence and case studies.

SmartSite KPIs

Antonio Hernandez introduced the SmartSite KPIs tool that brings together project data and allows users to benchmark project performance against the national set of KPIs.  Constructing Excellence is the custodian of the tool and CE members have a license included in their membership.  The Performance Measurement Forum drives the strategic development of the tool and we encourage all our members to take advantage of their license and help us grow the body of knowledge and data to enable richer and deeper analysis, regular reports and benchmarking.

Next meeting

Thank you everyone for joining our October Forum. It was great to see so many of you there!

Join us for Performance Measurement Forum on 4 December 2020 and bring your vision and suggestions how to increase collaboration, data exchange, licence solutions and historical data population of SmartSite and SmartSite 2.0, signposting, case studies data extract from the CE Award best submissions and many more.

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