Digital Drop-In October 2020 – Emerging Technologies

Constructing Excellence

The Constructing Excellence Digital Group hold informal Digital Drop-In sessions on a monthly basis to provide members with an opportunity to share ideas, best practice and seek advice around the key issues impacting our digital journey.

On 16 October we were led by Duncan Reed, Digital Construction Process Manager at Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd, sharing his insights into emerging technologies including:

Mobile Phones– with smaller devices increasing their computing power it is much easier to use mobile phones for site-based digital applications.

HoloLens – Trimble’s Augmented Reality solution gives 2-5 cm accuracy enabling qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Bio-Inspired Robot-Dogs – In partnership with Boston Dynamics, Trimble have developed a robotic dog! This pooch can be used to scan surroundings along the same route and assess work in progress with regular updates and reports.  It can also be used in harsh or dangerous environments, especially in demolition or decommissioning.  It can even be controlled using the flick of hand (Brain Computer Interface).  The robots are being used to spray/disperse sterilizing fluid in areas with COVID19 contamination and can be used for other chemicals in dangerous environments.

Download Duncan Reed’s presentation to find out more..

Emerging Technologies

At our next Digital Drop In November session we will be joined by James Franklin, Head of BIM & Digital at Kier Construction / Strategic Projects, taking us through the realised challenges and benefits in the digital delivery of BIM Level 2 for a modern £253m-new build resettlement prison at Wellingborough.

Join us to find out more about the project details in digital design, data-rich decision making, 4D, 5D, FieldBIM, digital training schemes, site drone capture and a digital-first culture.