Ward’s Words: June 2018

Members who are not active in the nuclear newbuild sector should not be put off by the origin of our latest report Construction Factory Thinking, produced by our Nuclear theme group, nor by its potentially slightly misleading title. Certainly there is some nuclear-specific context in there, but most of the content seems to me to be … Continue reading “Ward’s Words: June 2018”

Ward’s Words: February 2018

This newsletter comes out the day after our sister organisation ECI held its major conference on Rethinking Capital Projects in the engineering construction sector. A number of CE members are going, which is great as they are automatically free members of ECI now as a result of CE membership. Look out for the report of the … Continue reading “Ward’s Words: February 2018”

Ward’s Words: January 2018

Will the Carillion news this week focus enough minds sufficiently to make a difference? Two angles have particularly struck me. One was that a number of sector figures stepped up well to answer media interest. For example, Rudi Klein of SEC Group and Suzannah Nichol of Build UK provided good informative stuff to the BBC … Continue reading “Ward’s Words: January 2018”

Ward’s Words: December 2017

It was good to see so many members at the annual conference on December 12th and I hope you found it a valuable day. Thanks and much appreciation go to G4C and our organising team. Over 150 people were there, despite the bad weather which delayed plenty of people including ourselves. A feature was the … Continue reading “Ward’s Words: December 2017”

Ward’s Words – November 2017

It has been a month of liaison and influence with government and the Construction Leadership Council including on the proposed sector deal under the industrial strategy and on specific topics for the CLC around performance measurement procuring for value, and offsite, where our theme group was hosted by the MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre at Coventry). … Continue reading “Ward’s Words – November 2017”

Ward’s Words: ECI

As you will have seen in our special announcement last week, the European Construction Institute (ECI) has become part of BRE alongside Constructing Excellence. ECI is a very similar body to us, and one I have known for over 20 years since working with them on a post-Latham report on Partnering in the Public Sector. … Continue reading “Ward’s Words: ECI”

Words into action

Since our last update our new co-chairs sat down to flesh out their shared views on updating the purpose of Constructing Excellence and what we do, in particular to reflect the latest sector developments. The mood amongst our co-chairs and members  is that the leading edge and those who ‘get it’ need to move to … Continue reading “Words into action”

Ward’s Words: Positively disrupting the industry delivery model

“Positively disrupting the industry delivery model to deliver a transformation in superior value for all”. This was the summary of our co-chairs’ shared vision for the next phase of Constructing Excellence’s programme, which emerged from our members steering group and members forum on June 12th – many thanks to Trowers & Hamlins for hosting us. This … Continue reading “Ward’s Words: Positively disrupting the industry delivery model”

Ward’s Words: Looking forward to our new chairmanship

I am excited about next week’s members forum, not only because it provocatively challenges whether collaboration remains our raison d’etre in the view of members, and because we will hear the latest update about the trial of the Integrated Project Insurance model at Dudley College, but because we will announce the new chairmanship of Constructing … Continue reading “Ward’s Words: Looking forward to our new chairmanship”