Ward’s Words: Positively disrupting the industry delivery model

Constructing Excellence

“Positively disrupting the industry delivery model to deliver a transformation in superior value for all”. This was the summary of our co-chairs’ shared vision for the next phase of Constructing Excellence’s programme, which emerged from our members steering group and members forum on June 12th – many thanks to Trowers & Hamlins for hosting us. This is a client-led and client-focused delivery model which requires increased standardisation and pre-manufactured content and digitally enabled integrated teams working collaboratively with long-term relationships and aligned commercial arrangements throughout the supply chain. In short, integrated and collaborative working as we have defined it for many years.

The chairs and I will be meeting in July to flesh out this vision and how we make a positive difference going forward with the scale of BRE behind us. There is a shared sense of us moving from words to action to make real change happen, other goals targeted include challenging and provoking through thought leadership, influencing government policy at higher levels, and a focus on data and performance measurement.

Whilst reflecting on the members forum, all will have been impressed by the presentation on Heathrow’s latest strategy and by Louise Lado-Byrnes on the Advance II trial project at Dudley College which uses the new integrated project insurance procurement route – or insurance-backed alliancing as the team is now calling it more generically. Both presentations were classic CE, showing sector-leading commitment to realising the benefits from true collaboration, brave decision-making, and an honesty and willingness to share lessons learned. It is great to hear that IPI has secured its second project in Derby, and I am sure we will feature more on this before long.

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