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Constructing Excellence

Since our last update our new co-chairs sat down to flesh out their shared views on updating the purpose of Constructing Excellence and what we do, in particular to reflect the latest sector developments. The mood amongst our co-chairs and members  is that the leading edge and those who ‘get it’ need to move to practical disruption of the industry delivery model to deliver a transformation in value for all. We are summarising this gear change as “Words into Action”.

The new delivery model we are talking about has increased standardisation and pre-manufactured content, digitally-enabled integrated teams working collaboratively with long-term relationships and aligned commercial arrangements, and client-led procurement for these.

Right on cue, as I write we are in the middle of an excellent day with our Offsite theme group, visiting the impressive factories of Vision and Fusion  and considering how best the group can make a difference. In September we will be consulting throughout the Constructing Excellence movement on what this delivery model means, and how all our constituent parts can support the gear change. Connecting the industry across the demand and supply chain, across the UK, across the generations, via our regional partnership and G4C young generation network is core to what we do, and through this, showcasing innovation and best practice will remain an important feature of our work, building on our demonstrations and awards programmes. We can expect an even greater emphasis on data, measurement and practical tools for change, developing our KPIs into benchmarking and performance improvement tools. And we need to make our ideas better heard by supporting, influencing and helping to enable sector policy as led by the Construction Leadership Council, ‘hardwiring’ us and our members into the industry transformation as part of the ‘harmonious choir’ of leading industry bodies.

In the next few weeks I look forward to hearing the views of all our members and stakeholders on these strategies and I hope securing buy-in to an era of action not words.

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