Demonstrating the need

This is the first of 10 stages in the process.

Need a Framework?

Steps towards frameworking:

  • Background knowledge
  • Learn from past projects
  • Analyse the portfolio
  • Apply the 10 golden rules for establishing a framework
  • Get the whole team on board

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Awareness Event

Officers should be able to outline the case for frameworking as follows:

  • What have we learned from recent projects?
  • What are our options for the future?
  • What do we know about best practice elsewhere?
  • Why and how do we need to deal with suppliers differently?

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Procurement Strategy

Procurement strategy workshop:

  • Barriers
  • Solutions
  • Packaging the work

Specific legal, finance and audit aspects:

  • The Prudential Code
  • Framework agreement
  • OGC gateways
  • Sequence of tasks

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Know your market?

Before breaking the news to potential suppliers, consider:

  • Time to market – can the local supply chain respond immediately; can the local supply chain be developed so that it can respond to an increased workload; will outside suppliers be needed?
  • Sustainable local community – what are opportunities and risks for the local construction community and can the consumption of physical and energy resources be cut?

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Consultation and Commitment

This workshop is to:

  • Draw out stakeholders’ objectives
  • Encourage innovation.
  • Communicate the strategy.

You will need to cast your net wide to achieve both.
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Market day – What?

This is the first of three open seminars with suppliers.

  • Making suppliers aware of what the authority is proposing
  • Implications for suppliers.

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