Consultation and Commitment

This workshop is where you really engage with all the critical stakeholders and gain their commitment. The level of officer involved will depend on the particular needs of the programme. So for example, if you were planning a framework for the replacement of heating systems in council housing, you should involve representatives of the team who do building maintenance.

There are three outcomes of this workshop: drawing out stakeholders’ objectives, encouraging innovation and communicating the strategy. You will need to cast your net wide to achieve both.

Stakeholders’ Objectives

Use this session to draw out the stakeholders’ objectives for the programme and make sure everyone has their say. This is probably best done by presenting a paper that:

  • outlines the scheme in terms of the council’s headline objectives
  • suggests headings for stakeholders to consider in terms of operation and maintenance issues.

The idea is to provoke discussion and highlight the stakeholders’ objectives that must be addressed in the “Business Case”.

Encourage Innovation

See Strategic issue 2.

  • Establish and document the needs of stakeholders at the earliest possible stage.
  • Explore markets, discuss your needs openly and encourage innovation.
  • Find out what other local authorities are doing.
  • Use the most appropriate forms of contract that will promote innovation.
  • Encourage continuous improvement via long-term relationships.

Communicate the Stategy

See Strategic issue 5.

  • Allow enough time to identify what is needed.
  • Set up an integrated team from the outset, with the right people in it.
  • Appraise options and confirm the business case.
  • Choose the right procurement route and form of contract for the programme.
  • Develop a programme execution plan that brings all this together.
  • Brief every member of the team properly.
  • Keep the focus on the needs and aspirations of the stakeholders, especially the end users.

Now that you have done your research and got your council team in place, you are ready to tell the market about the programme and introduce the concept of frameworking.

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