Know your market?

By now, stakeholders will have attended a general presentation (explaining what frameworking is, when it is suitable, how it works and how it will affect you) and some senior people will have attended the procurement strategy workshop.

This next step is to foresee potential supply issues before consulting the market, and before asking individuals to commit personally to this procurement strategy.

Time to Market

  • What is the scale and timing of the programme?
  • Can the local supply chain respond in time?
  • Will outside suppliers be needed?

Sustainable Community

  • Do local main contractors and consultants have the management expertise to be effective framework partners?
  • Will larger suppliers from outside the local area be needed to run frameworks from the supply side?
  • What effects will winning or losing a framework agreement tender have on local main contractors?
  • What is the potential to re-organise the local supply chain to increase opportunities for investment and employment by local construction businesses?
  • Are there opportunities to minimise consumption of physical and energy resources?

Do not expect to know all the answers at this stage. But you will be better prepared to deal with reactions from the market when consultation starts.

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