The Knowledge Quad

Constructing Excellence

Morgan Sindall’s Knowledge Quad is a multi-purposed training and learning facility based onsite at Paddington Village, Liverpool. It uses construction to inspire a generation, and to instil Liverpool City Council’s vision of inclusive growth into the Paddington Village development right from its very foundations.

The Knowledge Quad is an innovative initiative, based around four key pillars with corresponding aims:


The Knowledge Quad seeks to raise quality standards in our industry, and prevent future skills gaps and unemployment through training, upskilling, and building confidence at entering the labour market

With facilities for classroom, digital, outdoor and site based learning, we can help our users to develop a wide range of skills which support both personal and professional development. One size does not fit all and our approach to skills is tailored to the individuals’ needs and circumstances.


The Knowledge Quad creates industry-academia partnerships which help to make students ‘work ready’ and more employable upon completion of their education

We bring the classroom to site and provide students with insight into ‘real world’ construction projects. We provide the link between industry and education, ensuring that curriculums align with employer requirements and that students at all levels are provided with relevant knowledge and skills to help them succeed.


The Knowledge Quad creates a bridge into employment, improving the employability of local people through training and personal development programmes

Working with partners such as Liverpool in Work, Blackburne House, Project Recce and Agent Academy, the Knowledge Quad provides experience of real-world working environments, building confidence and raising aspirations of local people and enabling them to create meaningful connections with employers.


A construction project of such a large scale as Paddington Village brings with it multiple stakeholders and partners who can collaboratively inspire a generation to learn and discover

The Knowledge Quad creates a forum for knowledge share and learning, as well as communicating the wealth of opportunities represented by the Paddington Village construction process and beyond. The Knowledge Quad and its partners are committed to ensuring all opportunities are accessible and inclusive of all.

The concept for the Knowledge Quad is to base future outcomes/benefits ahead of short-term considerations/costs. Our measurement of success has never been about ticking boxes. We look to deliver genuine benefit to as many people as we possibly can through innovation and collaboration through a variety of different activities and programmes.

Creating socio-economic value has always been high on the agenda for Morgan Sindall and our client Liverpool City Council. The Knowledge Quad has created a focal point for our social value offer, and a conduit for collaboration with our industry, education and training partners. The facility’s onsite location brings with it numerous benefits to our end users and opens up the construction industry and its myriad opportunities to the people of Liverpool City Region and beyond. We are currently setting up the Knowledge Quad Salford at our University of Salford SEE Building project, and plan to roll out the concept through our national business.