Weekend Wonder-Shifts: Transforming delivery of joint replacement schemes

A team from Jackson have transformed the delivery of multi-element joint replacement schemes by introducing Weekend Wonder-Shifts which have fast-tracked the project programme and designed out the need to install a temporary joint on the structure, delivering the schemes for 30% of their original predicted cost and with 10% of the person-hours compared to the … Continue reading “Weekend Wonder-Shifts: Transforming delivery of joint replacement schemes”

Frederick Douglass Centre

Situated strategically within the Newcastle Helix development, an award-winning partnership between Newcastle University, Newcastle City Council and Legal and General, aimed at knowledge led regeneration on the former Scottish and Newcastle brewery site the landmark Fredrick Douglas Centre (FDC) facility is fully integrated and enhances the Helix masterplan and site wide strategy. The (FDC) is … Continue reading “Frederick Douglass Centre”

Shire Hall – Value

The re-emergence of Gloucestershire County Council’s Shire Hall after its retrofit and refurbishment reads like a fairy-tale. Over 165 weeks and 82 phases of collaborative, innovative team-working, the part-listed, part 1960’s building, an eyesore, tired and inefficient, was responsibly and dynamically transformed into an elegant and highly sustainable workplace. Shire Hall benefited from innovative strategies … Continue reading “Shire Hall – Value”

The Knowledge Quad

Morgan Sindall’s Knowledge Quad is a multi-purposed training and learning facility based onsite at Paddington Village, Liverpool. It uses construction to inspire a generation, and to instil Liverpool City Council’s vision of inclusive growth into the Paddington Village development right from its very foundations. The Knowledge Quad is an innovative initiative, based around four key … Continue reading “The Knowledge Quad”

Update on Constructing Excellence Procurement Group

At the Constructing Excellence Procurement Group Meeting on 19 March there was considerable debate on the blockers and potential solutions to procuring for value. The following 3 areas were identified as the key enablers: Value based procurement (behaviours) – removing cost as a main driver Giving industry momentum, voice and backing Robust metrics in a … Continue reading “Update on Constructing Excellence Procurement Group”

Constructing Excellence delighted to support biophilic design research project connecting buildings with nature

A live office refurbishment will provide environmental and human data as evidence for positive health and wellbeing impacts on office occupants Constructing Excellence is a dissemination partner on The Biophilic Office project – a ground-breaking office refurbishment project that will provide quantified evidence on the benefits of biophilic design on health, well-being and productivity of … Continue reading “Constructing Excellence delighted to support biophilic design research project connecting buildings with nature”