Support for Energy White Paper from CE Nuclear Group

Constructing Excellence

The Constructing Excellence Nuclear Group fully supports the Governments Energy White Paper commitments to new nuclear as a key route to achieving 2050 Net Zero targets. With HPC projected to generate in the region of 25 TWh per year, The 100 TWh– 150 TWh targeted by government in 2050 is a significant endorsement of both SMR and large scale nuclear projects. We welcome the commitment by Government to continue exploring mechanisms such as the RAB model to drive affordability and value for money to consumers. We also recognise that Digital will also have a key role in driving affordability, through capturing industry wide lessons learnt and detailed optimisation planning using digital twin technology to integrate scope, cost and schedule to achieve next of a kind savings and increased productivity.

Adrian Worker & Ian Bayes on behalf of the Constructing Excellence Nuclear Group

Read the White Paper in full: Energy white paper: Powering our net zero future