Response to Infrastructure & Projects Authority Proposal for a New Approach to Building

Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence fully supports the move to a platform approach to building and we welcome this opportunity to have an impact on the process.  Using government procurement to drive a platform approach has the potential to transform our industry and overcome some of the current market reluctance that exists. We particularly welcome the launch of the Construction Innovation Hub and the work that it will do to underpin this approach.

In response to the Government’s call for evidence the Constructing Excellence Manufacturing & Technology Group held a workshop on 10th January 2019 at the offices of Pinsent Masons.  A full list of contributors is available in Appendix 1, opinions expressed are of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect those of the organisations they represent.  Participants at the Constructing Excellence Annual Conference on 12th December 2018 were also polled to gather their opinions on the platform approach.

According to participants at the Constructing Excellence Annual Conference procurement and contracting models, client capability, appetite to change and agreement on new standards and regulations were viewed as the main barriers to embedding manufacturing technology in the built environment.  Participants also indicated that 90% support platform approach to building, however over one third were unsure whether the market would accept such an approach.

Key points for consideration

  • Client-led – clients need to lead this change through the formation of delivery models and subsequent procurement activities that enable the transition. Government departments and major public sector infrastructure programmes should take a leadership role.
  • Procurement – the approach and process of procuring assets needs to fundamentally change to accommodate a platform-based approach.
  • Consistency – the industry needs a consistent approach from government at all levels.
  • Pipeline – to unlock investment industry needs a robust and accurate pipeline of projects.
  •  Collaboration – industry and government clients need to find commercial mechanisms that enable long-term relationships and deep collaboration based on trust.
  •  Whole life value – government procurers must look beyond capital expenditure to take a whole life view of the asset and work with the industry to deliver and share value across the life of the asset.
  •  Manufacturing – the platform approach should not be about moving traditional construction processes from sites to factories, the platform approach should learn from and fully embrace manufacturing approaches and technologies.

Download the full response here.