CE Procurement Group

Join us for our upcoming Procurement meeting. The agenda will follow shortly.

The latest from our Procurement Group meeting: Value Toolkit, modern slavery, the role of procurement

On the 25th of May, we held our Procurement Group meeting, where our speakers touched on important topics – the Value Toolkit, modern slavery in the construction industry and the role of procurement. We will hold our next Procurement Group meeting on the 27th of September. To join the conversation, register here. Do you want … Continue reading “The latest from our Procurement Group meeting: Value Toolkit, modern slavery, the role of procurement”

SCF – Intelligent Supply Chain Management

SCF’s core motivation is to increase value to the public sector through intelligent and responsible management of construction projects. During the four generations of the framework, we’ve made and exceeded progressively ambitious targets for employment and skills, apprentices, trades and graduates, but more recently we’ve concentrated on being closer to our supply chain, to support … Continue reading “SCF – Intelligent Supply Chain Management”

Update on Constructing Excellence Procurement Group

At the Constructing Excellence Procurement Group Meeting on 19 March there was considerable debate on the blockers and potential solutions to procuring for value. The following 3 areas were identified as the key enablers: Value based procurement (behaviours) – removing cost as a main driver Giving industry momentum, voice and backing Robust metrics in a … Continue reading “Update on Constructing Excellence Procurement Group”

Response to Infrastructure & Projects Authority Proposal for a New Approach to Building

Constructing Excellence fully supports the move to a platform approach to building and we welcome this opportunity to have an impact on the process.  Using government procurement to drive a platform approach has the potential to transform our industry and overcome some of the current market reluctance that exists. We particularly welcome the launch of … Continue reading “Response to Infrastructure & Projects Authority Proposal for a New Approach to Building”

Sustainable Procurement: A Vision for UK Infrastructure

Constructing Excellence Board Member and Development Procurement Director at Heathrow, David Ferroussat, discusses the outputs of an Infrastructure Forum working group that he has been chairing on Sustainable Procurement.  The report has highlighted the importance of a clearly defined and robust pipeline of projects to enable procurement behaviour that is sustainable in the long-term. Less than … Continue reading “Sustainable Procurement: A Vision for UK Infrastructure”

New Models of Procurement – Client Forum Webinar Outputs

On 20 September the Constructing Excellence Client Forum held a webinar on the topic of New Models of Procurement.  The session chaired by Phil Wilbraham had 2 excellent presentations from Prof David Mosey, Kings College London on Two Stage Open Book and Supply Chain Collaboration and Martin Davis from IP Initiatives on Insurance Backed Alliancing. … Continue reading “New Models of Procurement – Client Forum Webinar Outputs”