The performance of the UK’s infrastructure underpins the effective functioning of society, business and the wider economy.

“Infrastructure forms the backbone of the UK. It is the fabric that defines us as a modern industrialised nation. The standard and resilience of infrastructure in the UK has a direct relationship to the growth and competitiveness of our economy, our quality of life and our ability to meet our climate change objectives and commitments.” 2010 National Infrastructure Plan (HM Treasury)

The UK infrastructure sector faces a range of challenges, including:

  • Age of the much of the infrastructure network
  • Increasing capacity issues on the network linked to future predictions for demographic and social change
  • Condition of many of the legacy infrastructure systems and lack of detailed data on systems
  • Increasing interdependence and connectivity between infrastructure systems
  • Requirements to reduce the carbon footprint of infrastructure
  • Need to future-proof core components against extreme events to minimise downtime and maximise business continuity
  • Resource and material constraints including responsible sourcing of materials
  • Fragmented nature of infrastructure delivery, decision making and governance

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