Modern Collaborative Working: The top 10 of what to do and how to do it.

The Collaborative Working Champions of Constructing Excellence have identified 10 themes as most essential in achieving superior performance from fully integrated collaborative working in the UK construction industry. These blogs look at underlying issues, how to address these and the process and behavioural changes required to achieve sustained and dramatic improvement. They draw on experiences and case studies and refer to analogies and models which have become widely known, if not always fully understood. They look into the principles behind these models and demonstrate where they are not always being adopted as intended and the consequences of this. Where possible they illustrate our advice with examples and offer suggestions and guidance on where to focus attention to achieve greater benefit irrespective of the level of expertise of the practitioners. We hope you both enjoy and find the blogs beneficial and that they will play a part in enabling the majority of the industry to achieve the highest levels of performance that are currently enjoyed by the few.

  1. Understanding the Need
  2. What’s Wrong with the Traditional Process?
  3. The Part Played by Procurement
  4. Strategic Procurement
  5. Achieving Change
  6. Making a Difference
  7. The Value of Realism
  8. Working with Cost (Price and Value)
  9. Stripping Out Waste
  10. Where to Start

Modern Collaborative Working – Summary