Improving built asset performance – Constructing Excellence’s next steps

Over the last few years, Constructing Excellence’s asset management group has been working with organisations that use large built assets and our CE membership to share learning and lessons learnt in how to design, procure and operate these assets to deliver better outcomes and value.

This phase of our work is soon coming to an end with the publication of a summary of these discussions at our next meeting scheduled for 25th May 2016 in Central London.

Last year Constructing Excellence joined Whole Life Plus (WLP+) a project which has secured Innovate UK and EPSRC funding to research how building performance can be improved to enhance worker productivity and well-being to create happier, healthier and more productive workplaces. LCMB is leading the project partners Argent, King’s College London, Emcor who will trial the innovations in their buildings, Oxford Brookes University who are the academic partner, CE and British council for offices who are the dissemination partners.

Our plan is to have quarterly asset management workshops to pick up the build asset productivity and performance improvement themes that flow from the WLP+ project to share and debate the findings with the CE membership.

In addition to launching our publication on 25th May 2016, we will share the initial research from the WLP+ project and agree with the asset management workgroup the themes and areas to be addressed over the next two years. The groups’ intention is to publish two guidance documents on delivering improved performance and productivity from built assets over the next two years.

So do join us on 25th May 2016 to hear a summary of the work of our group from the last few years, which will describe how to deliver operational excellence from built assets, give an overview of WLP+ research and to contribute to defining our agenda for the next two years.

Details about attending this event can be found here.