Asset Management

For 6 years John O’Brien of LCMB chaired the asset management theme group.  The focussed on identifying how built assets can be more effectively procured and operated to help organisations deliver their vision, strategy and objectives.

In 2016 the group published its report Delivering built asset operational excellence summarising the lessons learnt from clients and their supply chain across retail, education, healthcare, industrial, infrastructure and commercial sectors.

In 2018 the group published “Improving productivity in the workplace” the output of the £530,000 Whole Life Performance Plus (WLP+) project funded project. The project brought together a consortium of world class experts in building performance, property development and facilities management.

Following the completion of the WLP+ project the group has decided to take a break.  The long-term viability and performance of assets remains absolutely critical to Constructing Excellence and our long-term vision.  The issue remains a key focus for all of our core theme groups.