New Report – Improving Productivity in the Workplace: Lessons learnt and insights from the Whole Life Performance Plus project

Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence has been researching the impact of the built environment on organisational performance and value since its earliest days. Its aim is to ensure that the real estate delivered by the construction industry benefits society, organisations and the individual.

Its publications include Be Valuable: A Guide To Creating Value in the Built Environment (2005) and Delivering Built Asset Operational Excellence (2016), which summarise lessons learnt from clients and their supply chains across the retail, education, healthcare, industrial, infrastructure and commercial sectors.

The next logical step for the organisation was to research the impact of the indoor environment on workplace performance, productivity and wellbeing.

I believe that WLP+, which is co-led by LCMB Building Performance Ltd and Oxford Brookes University, is the most comprehensive study of the impact of the indoor environment on workplace performance in the real world, and Constructing Excellence is a proud contributor. This research proves that workplaces which are optimised for indoor environmental conditions enable workers to perform at higher levels.

It demonstrates a route for organisations to use their built assets and workplaces to enhance their performance and that of the UK.

I look forward to working with Constructing Excellence members and the construction industry to implement the findings of this work, and would like to thank all the consortium partners for their input to this important project.

Executive Summary

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