Dissertation topics on the subject of project interdependencies

Constructing Excellence

A sub-group of the Constructing Excellence Higher Education theme group have been exploring the issue of project interdependencies as highlighted at our research brokerage workshop.

It was agreed to focus on on MSc dissertations as this would give greater time for collaboration with industry. Different types of questions were discussed and a number were identified which would be suitable as they achieved a balance between being generic and granular:

  • How do design or project team interrelationships change in the water sector when using offsite/modular construction?
  • How does use of BIM change the project team relationships in the development of temporary works design? (In the education sector? – not necessarily worth closing this one off by sector).
  • How would the use of telematics change the nature of supply chain relationships in the highways sector?
  • How does the specification of design detail change relationships between contractors, designers, subcontractors and suppliers?
  • How can subcontractors or suppliers mandated by a client impact on project interdependencies?
  • How can project interdependencies be better managed (using digital tools) on (mega)projects where there are interfaces between tier one contractors?
  • What is the impact of increasing the use of framework procurement on client/contractor relationships?

Three more generic questions which could be of interest to other types of research:

  • How could project dependencies be better managed between design and construction/construction and operation?
  • Does the increased use of standardisation stifle innovation or does the demand for innovation inhibit opportunities to standardise?
  • How do interdependencies in construction differ to those in xx sector/walk of life?

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