New government report “Transforming Infrastructure Performance”

The infrastructure and Projects Authority of the Cabinet Office has published its productivity programme for infrastructure, a plan to increase the effectiveness of investment in economic and social infrastructure by improving productivity in the way we design, build and operate assets. It is described as a substantial change programme with a ten-year horizon that builds on existing best practice and tackles the systemic issues that still limit the performance of UK infrastructure, and it is an important part of the government’s plan to implement the Industrial Strategy. The report can be downloaded here.

David Whysall, co-chair of Constructing Excellence, commented:

“This strategy is not only positive steps for UK infrastructure, but an early indication of what could be possible across construction as we implement the new sector deal.

“The important achievement here is that we have a set of practical, measurable and realistic steps which are shared across industry.

“Efficiency isn’t simply defined as slashing costs and driving down supply margins, but working together to achieve better performance through delivery, whole life asset performance and ultimately outcomes for customers.

“This relies on embracing a data and technological revolution, utilising benchmarks to understand and improve performance, and developing stronger, and more sustainable relationships through an integrated supply chain.

“We’re particularly pleased to see the emphasis on alignment of operating models across infrastructure programmes as well as improving project and programme initiation and set up. By better coordinating the set up and approach to our mega-projects, the industry will respond by establishing new delivery models, and make the much needed investments in modern technology, off-site manufacture and logistics capabilities. This will enable the sector to turn the tide on productivity and performance enabling improved delivery performance, a more sustainable and attractive industry as well as an opportunity for the UK supply chain to become world leaders.”