Collaborative Working Top 10 Tips and Benefits

Constructing Excellence
Constructing Excellence
Kevin Thomas – Collaborative Working Champions Chair

As Collaborative Working Champions we often hear people say “there is so much to this Collaborative Working, if only someone could tell us the few things that will make a difference we would be able to make it work”. Acknowledging that these ‘few things’ can be dramatically different to different people and organisations based on their culture, project activities and level of maturity, we decided to take up this challenge and to identify the top 10 based on our 500 or so collective years of experience.

Of course having decided to identify tips, the next question was tips on what aspect? This led us to realise that this isn’t going to be one list, it is going to be a whole series. So where to start? Initially we thought we would go for What?, after all that’s what people are asking us, but we quickly realised that many people will need to have the Why? first. So we decided to kick off with a pair of Top 10s:

Top 10 Benefits of Collaborative Working

Top 10 Tips for Collaborative Working

Notwithstanding the depth of experience of the CW Champions, we also took to our LinkedIn web site to ask the views of others both inside and outside of CE. The Champions then prioritised each full list to produce the Top 10 and finally I presented these to the CE Members Forum on 14th October and fine-tuned the content based on feedback.

So here you are, 10 things to do to enable you to get value out of Collaborative Working and 10 reason why you should want to! I trust there is no impediment left and you will all now adopt Collaborative Working immediately and the whole industry will be fully collaborative by 2025, but just in case that isn’t what happens, we will produce further Top 10’s in future to help you on your journey.

Kevin Thomas – Chair Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champions.

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