Outcome led procurement – A common sense approach to construction procurement

This guide has been produced by Constructing Excellence South West’s Procurement Forum led by their drafting team of Martin Howe of Keystone Law, Robert Knight of igloo Regeneration, Stewart Pitteway of Capita, Ian Dacre of Rider Levitt Bucknell, and Martyn Jones of CESW. CESW Outcome Led Procurement June 2015

British Standard BS 8534 procurement framework

British Standard BS 8534 on construction procurement

One of the less well known but most useful British Standards for our sector is BS 8534:2011, “Construction procurement policies, strategies and procedures. Code of practice”. It gives recommendations and guidance on the development of policies, strategies and procedures for the procurement of construction in the built environment. Figure 1 shows the procurement framework set … Continue reading “British Standard BS 8534 on construction procurement”

CE Members’ Forum 08 October 2014

The engines that power our work to develop and promote excellence in the built environment supply chain are our members’ theme groups. At any time we have 7-8 theme groups, typically meeting every 2-3 months to keep up-to-date with relevant developments, decide how Constructing Excellence needs to make a difference, and then deliver or oversee … Continue reading “CE Members’ Forum 08 October 2014”

Client Commitments

The Clients’ Charter allows construction industry clients to make a clear statement of their commitment to performance improvement. Participants measure their progress against an agreed programme with increasingly demanding targets. A complete review and feedback process took place during 2007/2008 which indicated that the Charter needed some development to improve its usability and robustness and … Continue reading “Client Commitments”

Government trials, not tribulations

In its 2011 Government Construction Strategy setting out how the public sector clients need to improve, the Cabinet Office proposed three new procurement models to be trialled in support of the target to achieve savings of 15-20% by 2014/15. The procurement models were Integrated Project Insurance (IPI), Cost Led Procurement, and Two Stage Open Book. … Continue reading “Government trials, not tribulations”

The business case for lowest price tendering?

Health Warning. The use of lowest price tendering may seriously damage your financial health and reputation and may have undesirable and unexpected side effects. Please consider the consequences. The business case for lowest price tendering?

Constructing Excellence Members’ Economic Group – final report

The Constructing Excellence Economic Task Group, chaired by Steve Vickers of Birmingham City Council, identified that in the current market conditions there is a significant risk of subcontractor and supplier insolvency, especially amongst SME businesses (and that this risk could worsen when the upturn comes due to subeconomic bidding and rising labour and material costs). … Continue reading “Constructing Excellence Members’ Economic Group – final report”

10 Success Factors That Make a Procurement Champion

Published 09th May 2006 by Local Government Task Force The ten success factors will help achieve the above objectives and deliver best practice within the procurement environment in which you operate. You are encouraged to examine your procedures now, to see how close your authority is to being in procurement’s ‘Champions League’. 10 Success Factors