The Constructing Excellence Procurement Theme Group announces a new Work Winning Pre-Construction Sub-Group

Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence is seeking members for their new sub-group tasked with researching where efficiency gains can be found across pre-construction and tendering activities.

The sub group aims to uncover where there are opportunities for productivity improvements within the annual £3bn bid cost spend. The research will seek out insights on behaviours, approaches and bidding processes.

We will be using the latest digital procurement tools to help identify these insights, as this will provide data that can be measured and monitored. The combined findings will show where productivity can be improved and where cost savings can be made.

Join us in piloting digital productivity

This research will be undertaken through a range of different pilots using digital procurement software with CE member organisations.

We are inviting all types of companies whether clients, consultants, or contractors to take part.

The pilots will be supported by a newly developed productivity platform called myConsole which has been developed from the findings of recent bid cost research undertaken by the University of Reading and MarketingWorks in 2014. This research was fully supported by Constructing Excellence at that time and we are again keen to support this new research project designed specifically for our industry and CE members in particular.


Survey outcomes show that winning bidders invest more in their bids. However, losing bids still consume significant amounts of staff hours and other costs.

Average costs across the complete sample of <£2m projects to >£250m projects Won Lost
Contractors £60k £44k
Consultants £24k £24k

From the 2014 Bid Cost research, we learned that bidding is costing the supply side of the construction industry an estimated £3 billion a year. That’s an average equation of 2-3% of a supplier’s turnover. With margins, inherently below 3% across the sector, and 2025 cost reduction targets of 33%, there is clearly an opportunity for improvements in efficiencies and productivity.

A collaborative group of partners joined forces to create myConsole – a cloud-based software platform which guides users to improve their winning performance, by optimising their productivity, bid cost allocation and so increasing their win rates.

“We predict the solution software has the capability to increase margins by up to 70%, and reduce costs by up to 20%.” says Eric Sandor, ex-Accenture Partner and cofounder of myConsole. “The software is built to combat proven inefficiencies across all work winning operational activities. Functionality to make this possible includes pipeline planning, sector planning and management, key client relationship management, framework management as well as a unique selectivity win score algorithm for predictive pipeline success.”

To prove proof of concept, Constructing Excellence invite you to take part in a zero cost 3 to 6-month trial, with an offer to undergo digital consultancy programmes thereafter. To ensure anonymity, the pilots will be confidential, complying with ISO 27001. The research findings will share only the proven anonymised efficiencies.

“The bid cost research findings completed in 2015, statistically proved what constitutes as successful winning and losing behaviours and approaches. The SaaS app the group will be testing is called myConsole, and has been designed to map all preferred behaviours and workflows in a simple and easy to use online tool kit” adds Don Ward, CEO of Construction Excellence.

The group plan to monitor and report back on the productivity gains it is built to create. We are recruiting members looking to improve one or more areas of their own work winning  and procurement capability, be that clients, contractors or consultants.

The sub group is being offered the following range of pilots,

The following pilot programmes are available;

1.      Business unit and sector planning module

Enables clarity of pipeline potential and performance, per sector, client team and Business Unit, with all planning, information capture and work winning activity in one system, eradicating the need for multiple spreadsheets and systems.

2.      Pipeline Management module with integrated selectivity win score

WinScore Scoring system allows you to identify and abort bids you have a low chance of winning, freeing up resources to focus on winning the bids you are best placed for.

3.      Key Client Relationship Management Module

Bespoke Relationship Development Score for each client, helping to focus team effort to truly understanding all aspects of Key Clients, that leads to maximising the chance of work winning.

4.      Framework Management

Specialised templates for Framework Management provides a central location to manage all your framework information, leading to greater control and monitoring of the opportunities.

5.      Bid management module

Easy access to all data and systems for information and insights on projects, client drivers and future opportunities, allowing team members to add and edit information simultaneously for increased clarity avoiding significant duplicated effort.

6.      Post-Delivery Performance module

Closed loop feedback systems were highlighted in the Bid Cost Research as an inherent characteristic of winning teams. With all project information stored in one place, myConsole allows for a consistent approach to project delivery feedback, and data capture for case study purposes.

7.      myConsole as a complete solution

To test the integration of myConsole tools as a combined package, there are a few pilots available for companies looking to improve their entire work winning project delivery and activity.

There is limited availability for the pilots, so we hope you can respond quickly, especially as the tool is already gaining attention from the top 150 firms.

Please get in contact with us before 31st August to secure your place on the pilot programme.

Contact: Colm Quinn, Project Manager

Email: [email protected]