How construction clients can increase productivity & boost collaboration across supply chains

Constructing Excellence

At the February Construction Excellence Client Forum, myConsole’s presentation showed how the leadership in construction industry clients could now experience the immense potential of hosting end-to-end digitisation of entire infrastructure programmes across vertical value chains and functions such as concept & feasibility, procurement, construction, handover and asset management.

Digital environments can also integrate horizontal value chains so horizontal functions such as design, planning, supply chain collaboration, and real time governance and execution are easily integrated. Therefore, tracking exactly where marginal gains come from e.g. where an SME’s innovations have been identified, can now be monitored and measured in real time. This means any proactive design influences or new ways of working can be tracked, and any value adding operational efficiency or improvement is visible immediately. Activities can now be monitored as predictable outcomes. Leadership can now access a wide range of dashboards to monitor all types of conceivable risk.

Constructing Excellence

The additional benefits of cloud-based access allow multiple users to access the same information in real time so enabling a transformational technology leap. This is mainly achieved by moving away from outdated standalone management systems or excel spreadsheets, towards online, real-time sharing of information.

This ensures transparency and collaboration, timely progress and risk assessment, quality control, and better and more reliable integrated outcomes that are seamlessly analysed and communicated across collaborative teams. Research by PwC indicates digitalisation in construction can deliver annual revenue increases of + 2.9% and cost reductions of 3.4% p.a.

Another global management consultant, McKinsey, are more bullish. They say if the global construction industry embraces this change to integrated digital workflow, and begins to integrate Mitrefinch TMS software and other such workflow optimization softwares, McKinsey predict the industry will deliver 13% to 18% in cost savings and a rise in productivity of 29% to 32% within procurement.

McKinsey also state “if the construction sector participants don’t rethink their operations and do not adopt digitisation they will miss a huge opportunity to turn the industry around in what could be the world’s next great productivity story.”

Constructing Excellence

Ideally client leadership teams should be thinking about complete digital solutions that deliver comprehensive data analytics from across an entire end to end function.

However, if a client team is not ready to initiate wholesale digital transformation across their entire processes then myConsole is offering to host pilot programmes.  myConsole have offered to tailor their platform to a number of individual client organisations, so they can pilot this with either a single project, a pipeline of work, a single framework or multiple frameworks. They will also be able to report progress and improvements back to the CE Client Forum.

Successful implementation largely depends how well leadership lead and communicate, as staff are not always amenable to change, so undertaking a pilot is a positive step for everyone to learn.

If you would like myConsole to present the same Client Forum introduction presentation to your team they can either provide this as a GoToMeeting event or visit your offices. Please contact Philip Collard on 07973 501599 or [email protected]


myConsole is a CE member. Philip Collard, the CEO of myConsole, has been a committee member of CE Procurement Group for 6 years and is the Chairman of the work winning sub group. He also has worked closely with CE and University of Reading on the 2003 and 2014 bid costs research.

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  1. The PWC/McKinsey figures look a long way adrift. Does anyone have the ‘real’ figure?
    (rhetorical question)

    1. Hi Alan
      Thanks for the question.
      We extracted the figures directly from McKinsey and PwC own research papers.
      The two papers we used for our analysis are listed below:

      I agree the opportunity is profound but as other industries are experiencing such sizeable gains this is why we need construction industry clients to undertake their own pilot research programmes themselves so we can uncover exactly what are our “real” construction industry productivity performance metrics.

      Hence why we are offering construction client the use of our platform to find out for themselves.
      Philip Collard CEO of myConsole

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