Some quick thoughts on Infrastructure and the Circular Economy

Here is a quick and personal SWOT assessment of where the circular economy approach sits in infrastructure delivery right now: Strength Weakness Readily builds on pre-existing LEAN and materials efficiency work Wow! Factor and lots of momentum for implementation Unifying concept that can align all aspects of people, planet, profit strategies Driver for programme-level visibility … Continue reading “Some quick thoughts on Infrastructure and the Circular Economy”

ICE Manifesto for Infrastructure

The Institution of Civil Engineers has launched a Manifesto for Infrastructure, which provides all political parties and policy makers with a comprehensive set of overarching goals for UK infrastructure – and the specific policy recommendations needed to achieve these goals. Whichever party wins the General Election, infrastructure must be placed at the heart of any … Continue reading “ICE Manifesto for Infrastructure”

Centre for Infrastructure Development (CID) Spring Seminar Series

The Centre for Infrastructure Development (CID) Seminar Series features professionals operating in the infrastructure business ecosystem and scholars developing work relevant to further our understanding of related practices. Hence the series covers a wide range of perspectives including those of regulators, funders, promoters and their agents, operators, and project suppliers. The CID Seminar Series offers … Continue reading “Centre for Infrastructure Development (CID) Spring Seminar Series”