ICE Manifesto for Infrastructure

The Institution of Civil Engineers has launched a Manifesto for Infrastructure, which provides all political parties and policy makers with a comprehensive set of overarching goals for UK infrastructure – and the specific policy recommendations needed to achieve these goals.

Whichever party wins the General Election, infrastructure must be placed at the heart of any Government’s economic plan, if the UK is to succeed in driving long term growth and job creation, regenerate communities and improve quality life for society. Failing to make it a priority – or instead opting for quick electoral wins – will see the UK’s competitiveness and resilience reduce, and ultimately infrastructure will revert to its traditional ‘Cinderella status’.

ICE calls on all political parties, policymakers and industry to support the following pledges:

  • To achieve a long-term vision for UK infrastructure and a framework that delivers cross party consensus
  • To deliver value for money for consumers and infrastructure clients
  • To embed resilience to climate change and the shift to a low carbon economy into infrastructure decision making
  • To empower and resource city regions to manage infrastructure – unlocking economic potential and rebalancing growth across the UK
  • To upskill our existing workforce and grow a talent pool of engineers to meet our future infrastructure needs

For more information, please visit the Manifesto for Infrastructure webpage