Ward’s Words: Looking forward to our new chairmanship

I am excited about next week’s members forum, not only because it provocatively challenges whether collaboration remains our raison d’etre in the view of members, and because we will hear the latest update about the trial of the Integrated Project Insurance model at Dudley College, but because we will announce the new chairmanship of Constructing … Continue reading “Ward’s Words: Looking forward to our new chairmanship”

Ward’s Words: Don’t use the C word unless you mean it!

Please don’t use the C word when you don’t mean it. The CIOB’s Construction Manager and the RICS’ Construction Journal recently published articles from me on modern procurement. As the government’s new industrial strategy consultation paper says: “…we must use strategic government procurement to drive innovation and enable the development of UK supply chains.” Both journals singled … Continue reading “Ward’s Words: Don’t use the C word unless you mean it!”

Constructing Excellence welcomes Farmer Review

(first published 18th October 2016, updated 5th January 2017) We welcome the publication of the Farmer report (#FarmerReview) – and congratulate the team on excellent coverage in the Guardian and Telegraph amongst others. Construction News had a particularly good analysis. Ten industry symptoms: low productivity; low predictability; structural fragmentation; leadership fragmentation; low margins, adversarial pricing … Continue reading “Constructing Excellence welcomes Farmer Review”

Top 10 Tips for Collaborative Working

In this document, the Collaborative Working Champions have outlined the top 10 most important issues that define collaborative working and make it work, in terms of delivering superior outcomes for clients, suppliers and stakeholders. Top 10 Tips for CW_Final

Top 10 Ways to Kill Off Collaborative Working

In this guide, the Collaborative Working Champions of Constructing Excellence have been looking at the things people do that either act as a break on Collaborative Working or stop Collaborative Working dead in its tracks before it has a chance to get established. Top 10 Ways to Kill Off Collaborative Working_Final