Collaborative Working Champions Survival Guide

Since the Latham and Egan reports of the 1990s, the industry has been on a journey of improvement. The Constructing Excellence Key Performance Indicators show that the industry performs around 30% better today than it did ten years ago. Collaborative Working has been at the heart of this improvement, although there is a long way to go. However, construction … Continue reading “Collaborative Working Champions Survival Guide”

A guide to value propositions

In 2007, the core members of Constructing Excellence carried out a review of futures reports to decide on priorities for new guidance for our members who remain committed to a collaborative future. Six themes emerged and task groups were established to review existing material and produce a guide to help members stay one step ahead: … Continue reading “A guide to value propositions”

Equal Partners Customer and supplier alignment in private sector construction

Building on the foundation of the previous Equal Partners studies exploring private sector procurement, Business Vantage embarked on this project with the Construction Clients’ Group in early 2008. At that time, economic conditions were changing but the market was still buoyant – who could have anticipated what has happened since and during the process of this … Continue reading “Equal Partners Customer and supplier alignment in private sector construction”

Taking Advantage How SMEs can become successful framework contractors

‘Transforming Local Government Construction – The Power of Framework Agreements’, commissioned in 2006 by the East Midlands Centre of Excellence, showcased current examples of local authority construction frameworks covering housing, general building and highways. It showed the contribution that frameworks can make to the drive for increased efficiency in local government construction procurement, and what the leaders in the field are doing to derive … Continue reading “Taking Advantage How SMEs can become successful framework contractors”

Supply chain integration, logistics and e-trading – Action learning project

CITB-ConstructionSkills is keen to support the industry in adopting integrated working. In 2003, it approved funding to run a two year action learning project on supply chain integration, logistics and e-trading. Introduction This action learning project aimed to accelerate the take up of integrated supply chains and logistics within the construction industry. It was funded … Continue reading “Supply chain integration, logistics and e-trading – Action learning project”

Building Down Barriers Toolkit

Building Down Barriers Toolkit Objectives Listed below are those tools from the Building Down Barriers Toolkit which are cross-referenced by the Strategic Forum’s Integration Toolkit. These are made available free of charge as part of Constructing Excellence’s commitment to pan-industry change. Building Down Barriers Toolkit Description In late 1999 the then Design Build Foundation (now … Continue reading “Building Down Barriers Toolkit”