Construction Leadership Council Roadmap to Recovery

Constructing Excellence

The Construction Leadership Council has launched the Roadmap to Recovery. We very much welcome this document which sets out how we can get our industry restarted again and move to a better future.  The document is available from the Construction Leadership Council Website.

Constructing Excellence has produced a Greenpaper.  This document is designed to get views from across the Constructing Excellence movement on how we respond to the Roadmap to Recovery – Industry Recovery Plan for the UK Construction Sector. The roadmap has three phases – restart, reset and reinvent. The reset and reinvent stages are where the industry can move to a better future model and this is strongly aligned with the Constructing Excellence mission and vision.

Download the Greenpaper

Going into the COVID-19 crisis the construction industry and its delivery models were broken. The crisis has highlighted those problems and the very real need to become a more productive sector that is resilient to future shocks. The sector has recognised the need to change and is working to become more productive but we are not yet fit for purpose.

We passionately believe that a more productive sector will deliver long term value and sustainability for the society that it serves. Construction and the built environment have a critical role to play in rebuilding the Post-Covid economy whilst creating social value and tackling the climate crisis.

We are seeking views from across the Constructing Excellence movement on how we  demonstrate leadership in the shift to a better future model.  Specifically:

  • Do you have any specific examples of where your organisation is pushing the boundaries of sector transformation?
  • What new ways of working and lessons learned during the lockdown period would you like to ensure the industry continues to embrace in the long term?
  • What are the intermediate steps required to push us towards a more sustainable and productive sector?
  • What other actions do you believe are necessary to long-term transformation?

We will be holding online consultation sessions with members and the wider movement to socialise how our movement can respond.  Please join us online on Friday 12 June at 2.00 visit  to register.

If you are unable to join online please send any specific feedback to [email protected]