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Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence is delighted to welcome on board its latest member Buildots. Buildots was founded in 2018 with the visionary plan to turn construction sites into fully digitized environments. The company has grown from a team of three in October 2018 to a 30-person business with offices in Tel Aviv and London by June 2020, dedicated to revolutionizing the construction industry.

Buildots’ mission is to enable the construction industry to change for the better, by introducing technology that is not only easy to use, but produces measurable benefits. While other major industries have used technology to advance and evolve; until recently, the construction industry hasn’t had access to the solutions it needed to make the same progress. As a result, construction has been largely missing out on the leap forward in productivity and efficiency that cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) can bring.

At the heart of Buildots’ radical plan is wearable technology – hardhat-mounted 360-degree cameras that capture construction site images that are then overlaid with the 3D model to form a continuously updated, always accurate, digital twin. The AI analyses every aspect of progress on site, providing vital data to the management team to increase efficiency. For example, knowing exactly what stage a project is at enables accurate predictions on material delivery, effective forward-planning for logistics and fair payment of invoices for subcontractors.

On average, Buildots will capture 70,000 images of the life cycle of the project, and this wealth of data can be used long after the construction phase has ended to provide information for O&Ms and to ensure as-built drawings are accurate.

Patrick Scannell, Senior Project Manager and part of Buildots’ UK leadership team:

“Since our UK launch in September 2019, we have been looking for partners that share our vision for a modern construction site. Constructing Excellence is just that, and we are thrilled to be joining as a member, to exchange ideas and collaborate to change our industry for the better.”

Alison Nicholl, Head of Constructing Excellence:

“We are delighted to welcome Buildots on board. Bringing technology start-ups such as Buildots into the sector is critical to modernising the industry, help us truly understand the power of data and deliver the gains in productivity that have so long eluded the sector.”

  • About Buildots
  • Buildots incorporates Artificial Intelligence and 3D computer vision technologies to provide on-site project teams with a platform which tracks activity and progress, optimises subcontractor productivity, increases on-site efficiency and reduces time and costs.
  • The system works by site employees wearing a hard-hat-mounted 360-degree sensor-camera during weekly or daily site walks, which records data.This data is uploaded, analysed using Buildots’ patent pending algorithms and compared with the project’s planned status. Project dashboards are then updated with latest status reports, 360-degree site images and insights on any design or schedule discrepancies. Notifications of this information are then sent to relevant team members.
  • The system safeguards data protection as the cameras do not record sound. In addition, as part of its AI, Buildots has an anonymization tool which blurs people’s bodies, name tags and phone or tablet screens.
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