Constructing Excellence Annual Convention and National Awards 2014

Annual Convention On Friday 14th November, ahead of the Constructing Excellence National Awards 2014, G4C curated this year’s Constructing Excellence Annual Convention focussing on the image of the industry and the digitisation of construction. The Annual Convention brings together all parts of the movement, including national, club, regional and G4C members. As well as representatives … Continue reading “Constructing Excellence Annual Convention and National Awards 2014”

Understanding value diagram

Perfect storm or burning platform? Better together – excellence in 2014 and beyond

Last week was the annual gathering of the 50+ national, regional, local and younger generation organisations that make up the UK Constructing Excellence movement. Peter Hansford, the government’s chief construction advisor, presented the joint government-industry Construction 2025 vision, but it emerged in the convention hall that for CE and the leading edge of the industry, … Continue reading “Perfect storm or burning platform? Better together – excellence in 2014 and beyond”

Government trials, not tribulations

In its 2011 Government Construction Strategy setting out how the public sector clients need to improve, the Cabinet Office proposed three new procurement models to be trialled in support of the target to achieve savings of 15-20% by 2014/15. The procurement models were Integrated Project Insurance (IPI), Cost Led Procurement, and Two Stage Open Book. … Continue reading “Government trials, not tribulations”

How did the Government Construction Summit move us forwards?

Lord Deighton is always refreshing, and opened the summit by promising “it is not about new initiatives but getting stuff done”. Ironically he was followed onto stage by Michael Fallon to launch the Industrial Strategy for construction. OK, the strategy is more of a vision than an initiative, targeting 33-50% improvements by 2025 in costs … Continue reading “How did the Government Construction Summit move us forwards?”

Collaborative Procurement

The authors of this guidance document on Collaborative Procurement have identified the key forms of collaboration that are currently taking place within the industry, which are delivering real efficiencies and cashable savings. The guide seeks to create awareness of the options that exist for collaboration within the industry, irrespective of the market sector or organisation, … Continue reading “Collaborative Procurement”

OFT seem to think lowest price bidding is good competition?

Today saw OFT’s announcement of fines averaging 1.5% of turnover for around 100 companies caught in its two-year investigation of ‘bid rigging’. The coverage raised some interesting issues for me: 1. For once, the industry’s spokespeople did well. And much better than when the story first broke in April 2008. Specifically, I heard Stephen Ratcliffe, … Continue reading “OFT seem to think lowest price bidding is good competition?”