Building Down Barriers Toolkit

Building Down Barriers Toolkit Objectives

Listed below are those tools from the Building Down Barriers Toolkit which are cross-referenced by the Strategic Forum’s Integration Toolkit. These are made available free of charge as part of Constructing Excellence’s commitment to pan-industry change.

Building Down Barriers Toolkit Description

In late 1999 the then Design Build Foundation (now Constructing Excellence) was invited by the Ministry of Defence to take responsibility for rolling out the implementation of the toolkit and other material that was developed as part of the MOD’s Defence Estates’ Building Down Barriers project.

Participating members

Defence Estates, Laing O’Rourke, Amec


Tavistock Institute, Warwick Manufacturing Group (later Collaborative Working Centre)


The tools were developed as part of the MOD’s Defence Estates’ Building Down Barriers project between 1996 and 1999.

The handbook of supply chain management
Building down barriers index
A.Intro Section III 2.A. Tools for getting started with a Project
Tool A3 Deriving the historical through life cost baseline
Tool A4 Selecting supply partners for the Project
Tool A5 Setting incentives and share saving schemes
Tool A6 Applying risk Management in practice
B-intro Section III.2.B Working together to clarify project values
Tool B1 Value Planning in Practice
Tool B2 Drafting the Project Brief
C-intro Section III.2.C Collaborating in Design and construction
C1-clust Forming supply clusters and appointing cluster leaders
C2-ve Value Engineering in Practice
C3design Collaborating to plan and sequence design activities
C4-tlc Collecting and Documenting through-live cost data
C5-cost Getting started with collaborative costing
C6-build Planning and Managing Construction to optimise programme and minimise waste
C7-induc Forming new teams and inducting new project members
C8-prove Proving through life cost: the compliance plan and proving arrangements
D-intro Section III 2.D. Tools for Assessing project and building performance
D1-outco. Assessing the products of a Building Project
D2effect. Assessing Business and Engineering Processes
Disc-vm Section II.3 Designing using value management
Disc-ci Section II.4 Implementing Continuous Improvement
Dis-cost Section II.5 Managing Costs of Ownership
Disc-inc Section II 6 Setting incentives and shared saving schemes
Disc-risk Section II.7 Managing Project Risks
Disc-eval. Section II.8 Conducting meaningful evaluation of products and processes
Disc-tra Section II-9 Identifying training needs and planning training