An industry fit for the future? – G4C Virtual Project 2020 

Constructing Excellence

The built environment underpins society and its importance in providing shelter and essential infrastructure. It has been cast under the spotlight more than ever.  Our society is currently facing extraordinary times, turning everyday life on its head. This crisis is highlighting at a national level the current practices that need to change in the sector, including negative perceptions of the industry. 

G4C have long been crying out for change.  Our Virtual Project will challenge you to come up with the solutions that will reinvigorate this industry. We challenge you to work in teams (virtually!) to transform the industry into one fit for the future by ultimately producing a short pitch– in a format of your choice- to be fed back to industry leaders 


  • What practices you want to get rid of; 
  • Which cultures you want to embed within the industry; 
  • What skills have you learnt over the last few weeks which could be implemented going forwards; 
  • What technologies and practices do you think could have been implemented sooner; 

to make a more resilient industry? 

Teams can be of any size and preferably multi-disciplinary (though this is up to you!) Please let us know details of your teams by 23 April 2020If you would like help setting up or joining a team, get in touch ([email protected]).  

We will then launch our first webinar with full details of the Virtual Project at 2pm on 24 April 2020 with a virtual social afterwards. 

Good luck!