Integrated Project Insurance case studies: Derby Silk Mill – Museum of Making

Constructing Excellence

Derby Museums commissioned exhibition specialist Leach and architects Bauman Lyons with a design team to develop their vision for the Silk Mill as a “museum of making” for the 21st Century. Heritage Lottery and Arts Council funding was eventually secured, supplemented by funds from Derby City and local communities. Inevitably the brief for the extension and refurbishment project had developed into many various “success criteria”, and Bauman Lyons and Derby Museums decided that these could only be met by a fully collaborative “alliance” of designers, constructors and specialist contractors (including exhibition/digital specialists) appointed under the Integrated Project Insurance model. The necessary arrangements were made to secure the acceptance of this transition by the existing consultants; the new partners were selected; and the alliance was formed. Because the Silk Mill is located in the flood plain the insurers who had underwritten the first IPI policy for Dudley College Advance ll were not prepared to be involved, and therefore a “hybrid” alliance contract was agreed which maintained the essential “no blame/no claim” undertakings and gain/painshare mechanisms, but changed the IPI policy into an “owner controlled” policy under which IPI’s cost overrun cover beyond the excess was replaced by professional indemnity insurance protection in case the client exercised its right to claim for such costs.

Derby MoM Case Study 1
Derby MoM Case Study 2