Yorkshire Water

Constructing Excellence

Yorkshire Water (YW) supplies 1.3BN litres of drinking water to 2.3M households each day and treats and disposes of 1BN litres of waste water safely back into the environment through operating more than 700 treatment works and 133 reservoirs.  YW operates in 5 year regulated cycles (AMPs) in which funding is secured from OFWAT to deliver projects to enhance and maintain services to their customers. Over the past 15 years, Yorkshire Water has invested over £6.3BN in the Yorkshire Region creating jobs and supporting industry.  Between 2015-2020, YW are spending £3.8BN in the region to deliver better water and sewerage services.

A programme of this magnitude has many challenges including:

  1. Increase in customer demand through population growth
  2. Environmental challenges caused by flooding and severe weather
  3. Efficiency challenge to deliver over £500m of out-performance savings
  4. Delivery of over 1000 projects
  5. Environmental, regulatory and legislative changes
  6. Supporting customers with their bills
  7. Supply chain and multi-agency programmes
  8. Staff and skills shortages, created by pressures from other major programmes (HS2, HE etc.)
  9. Management and engagement of 10,000+ people to deliver their programme
  10. Maintenance of aging assets across remote locations
  11. OFWAT Service incentive mechanism – continual assessment, ranking, reward and penalty against

To enable them to deliver the scope and variety of projects required, YW have procured, within the Asset Solutions (AS) delivery programme (£1BN), a series of 8 frameworks, spread across 12 contractors and tailored to the scope of the work to be delivered.