What the toolkit is for

This toolkit maps the processes for:

  • DECIDING whether you need a framework
  • SETTING UP a framework
  • RUNNING projects under the framework agreement(s).

it looks like all you need, but it’s not

Constructing Excellence Although you can learn the basics from the toolkit, it is unlikely that you will succeed without professional advice and support along the way.
Constructing Excellence The toolkit is intended as a route map for you to follow with your advisors. It flags up where you are likely to need help, and offers links to advice and support via Constructing Excellence.
Constructing Excellence Setting up a framework is a project in itself. It is very resource intensive, especially in the ‘Deciding’ phase. Experience at Manchester City Council suggests that you should budget to spend at least £50k before you get to run any projects.

The DECIDING phase is critical. Understanding your objective is the key to a successful framework.

Constructing Excellence

Do not underestimate the resources you will need to:

  • APPRAISE the performance of past projects
  • ANALYSE your portfolio of proposed projects
  • CONSULT with stakeholders so that you understand their needs and they know budget and procurement options
  • AGREE shared objectives
  • ASSESS the risks and plan how to manage them
  • DECIDE whether frameworking is the right strategy

This diagram shows the phases and relative distribution of resources you will need to use the toolkit:

Constructing Excellence