Project Allocation

Select Project Contractor

Select the contractor for a particular project:

  • Check that the terms of the framework agreement meet the need.
  • Select the contractor on suitability and performance criteria.

“Select Project Contractor”…

Establish Joint Vision for the Project

Framework officers facilitate the establishment of the joint vision for the project.

  • Joint vision means a shared set of values and processes.
  • Values are beliefs about how to design, operate and maintain a facility.

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Project Success Factors

Focus on the desired outcome from your project.

How will you know whether you have succeeded without a checklist of project success factors?

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Project Needs and Objectives

The ALLOCATING PROJECTS stage concludes with a statement of the project needs and objectives. It pulls together:

  • the client’s project brief – source project sponsor
  • the joint vision of the project team – source project partnering workshops
  • the project success factors – source officers’ analysis of past projects.

In essence, this is the briefing for the project team to whom the project has been allocated.

Essential of a brief (Appendix 3) provides a useful checklist to formulate the statement of needs and objectives.

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