Three fantastic innovations we’ll be exploring on 4 May

The Constructing Excellence Sustainability Theme Group is teaming up with Innovation Gateway to bring you a session on innovative and sustainable solutions and how these are specified. The workshop taking place at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford will look at some best practice examples of where innovative solutions have been trialled and implemented on real projects.

We’ll be joined by representatives from  RBS, Carillion & Unite Students discussing how they are applying and trialling innovative solutions.  We will also be hearing from some great technologies and the people behind them.


Find out how Tobermore’s innovative paving product AirClean® can be used as part of an overall strategy to help combat air pollution.


AirClean® paving is manufactured with photocatalytic concrete technology built in and uses tried and tested nano technology and natural daylight to oxidise harmful NO₂ gases and transform them into harmless nitrates that are washed away by rainwater and transported to sewage systems.


The JUMP behaviour change project, operated by sustainability rewards scheme developer Green Rewards, encourages employees to engage in energy saving, sustainable travel, waste reduction and other in-house sustainability actions.

Find out how The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is rolling out a sustainability engagement programme across the UK and Ireland after a successful pilot led to a 5% average electricity reduction and 500,000 disposable cups being correctly recycled.


Waterblade is a small device fitted to mixer taps that reduces the amount of water used when you wash your hands. The Innovation Gateway sourced Waterblade in 2015 for one of our partners, RBS. The trial was hugely successful and RBS are now looking to roll out to all suitable sites.

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