Constructing Excellence embrace clients into the body of the movement

Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence has consulted with our client members who have recommended that we should no longer maintain a discrete Construction Clients Group with separate governance and structures. Our client members continue to engage in all our pan-sector theme groups and have strong representation on our member steering group, which all clients are welcome and encouraged to join, and our board of management.

We do recognise that clients face particular challenges and have some very specific problems where value would be added by sharing and learning with other client members. To this end Constructing Excellence client members will hold a bi-annual forum to allow them to have open and honest discussions with their peers on the challenges that they are facing. We will also be working with our client members to develop appropriate training and resources for clients through our network of approved training centres.

The previous work of our Construction Clients Group on Health and Safety has now been taken on by a new group; the Health in Construction Leadership Group and we remain fully supportive of the important work that they do in this area.

We welcome clients and supply chain alike to become national members of Constructing Excellence to help influence and fund our mission of excellence through collaboration across the whole demand and supply chain of built environment. No other body has this focus.

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