The Dyson Building

Constructing Excellence

The Dyson Building is a true example of collaborative excellence.

As a dedicated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) building, where sciences are taught alongside art, the Dyson Building embodies the ethos of collaboration in education; recognising the importance of collaboration between disciplines and the sharing of ideas in social learning spaces; applying knowledge learned in one subject creatively to another. It is an amazing facility to inspire the next generation of original thinkers and problem solvers.

Excellence and quality were embedded into the vision for this building from the outset, with exceptional joint-working and communication required from the very beginning by the many parties involved – Sir James Dyson and his team as funders, Wilkinson Eyre, architects and the design team, Kier, specialist sub-contractors, the School and Governors, local stakeholders and the local authority – all working together positively, in occasionally challenging circumstances, to ensure success.

Three winning facts:
  1. Close collaboration with local planners saw effective use of a planning performance agreement, resulting in planning consent within five months of passing RIBA Stage 2, key to ensuring the project finished on time.
  2. Construction phase excellence, with KPI scores fantastic throughout – teamwork and collaboration scored 10/10 throughout, 10/10 post-Completion score for Overall Satisfaction and 43/45 Considerate Constructor Scheme score.
  3. Client satisfaction:
    “The success of the project could be measured in different ways – innovation, design management, logistics and site management, quality of building, the way the site is being managed, keeping to budget, problem solving – these have all been good. However, the key success factor has been how well the team has pulled together and worked to cover all of the above.”
    Steve Willis, Bursar, Gresham’s School