The Digi-Tech Factory, City College Norwich

Constructing Excellence

The Digi-Tech Factory is a striking four-storey building housing the very latest equipment and technology and over 60 miles of cabling to deliver the most up-to-date learning experience for digital students at City College Norwich (CCN). The building is a significant boost to digital skills in the region with a ground-breaking design that symbolises the forward-thinking and progressive digital study and discovery that will take place within it.

The Digi-Tech Factory building is an innovative and ground-breaking design which represents the continued development and contemporary outlook of R G Carter and all consultants enthusiasm to embrace and explore exciting new designs, new ideas and new methods in the world of construction. One example of this was the use of HoloLens technology and Mixed Reality (XR) to model potential clashes and solve engineering challenges in a number of areas of the building. XR is a ground-breaking combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality delivering a holographic overlay onto a users ‘real time’ view of their physical environment. It also provided the students with a glimpse of the future of digital design and construction.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Delivering a building to support the digital skills expansion of Norwich, Norfolk and the East of England that will in turn make the region a leader in the country’s digital growth.
  2. Providing comprehensive support and knowledge to over 100 construction students and apprentices throughout the project.
  3. Implementing a comprehensive and effective covid mitigation strategy and updating as Government guidance changed whilst working on a large student campus.